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We are no fools on Aprils fool Day

I am sitting staring at a mountain and its presence is the only white noise that exists in my realm - and the birds, I hear the birds too. 

I want to talk about stillness - the world has come to a bit of a standstill, a "go slow", or maybe back to its normality. We have no choice but to be still. There is something delicious about not having to be someone or go somewhere or do something. 

If choice is taken away from us, can this perhaps bring us back to ourselves?

What was busyness about anyway - placed way too much value on that shit.

I want to talk about acceptance - accepting that staring at the sea or whatever floats your boat for a half an hour is perfectly normal. We can create whatever "new normals" we want. 

Who's version of "you" do you want to play? The one that delights in watching clouds in the sky, making them into fluffy animals or the one that sabotages the mind for practicing therapeutic activities deeming it a waste of time. That is an old thought patterning, feeling guilty for not doing "productive" stuff. 

I am sitting here staring at a huge black shadow shift across the mountain. I am sitting staring at the blackbirds breaking the shadows pass - the blackness now chasing over the mountain clothing the stone. A man and his dog breaks my silence. People are out enjoying nature more. We are no fools on April fools day - we are awakening to a different tune. 

Just as the clouds are shifting fast, we are forever shifting. 

I am not a rock, nor a mountain. I am like the ever changing shadow in the sky. I am a temporary force, sturdy in my fluidity, adaptable, accepting of whatever Athos God of Rocks brings forth to me.

We are a flexible species, silenced today by a higher force - making us aware of the temporary volatile state of everything. 

And this is okay. We are going to be okay. Because as human beings,(not human doings) we are survivors and thrivers if we just let ourselves be.

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