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"As I Lie There And He Plays Monopoly With My Freckles......."

"I witted and hit on my ego by taking selfies at three in the morning that looked like a Caravaggio  painting............"

"You are your own knight and shining armor, and you can surrender to it now......."


If wolves could hear us cry


And I oft wish that the soul would expel out from the body 

and spill out o'er the bath and 


crawl into the woman that stares blankly 

at me ready to surrender to life 


and its wondrous path.


the body is but two forces, the one that waits patiently


and the other that is screaming so loud 

that even the wolves come down from the mountain, ready to join your tribe. 


And who is your tribe, I hear you ask,


Who do you run with when your tentacles want to 

curl around every being, inhale all the energies


yet you drown it out within the waters 

of your bath for fear that you may choose unwisely,


forgetting that everything      


is but the same,

one ball of fire, stirring shit up on this one ball of rock.


We are connected. 

"It can take a big effort to share with the world your truth and thoughts. It can take self-acceptance and love to show up and own your space".


Ciara Tuite has a unique ability to convey the purest of human emotions through raw yet beautiful prose. She prods at her sensitivities, knowing that other people can empathise and recognise the universal themes at play. 


She has been writing for decades, a natural instinct, creating a non-linear account of her life, random yet poetic recalling experiences, travels, perspectives and emotions.  


"I have always been writing a diary-esque account of my experiences for years, a pen and paper in my bag has always been a necessity, a constant throughout, a lifeline to unravelling emotions, both dark and light that I have gone through in the past, I speak truth, because that is all there is, that is where the nuggets of  wisdom can be found, among the woe" 



And these words have become the most comfortable language to share these experiences. It is often a stream-of-consciousness, non-linear/sponataneous and reactive narrative"


"Hatred of the self and being embodied in a loving world cannot co-exist. You cannot love another person wholly and hate yourself at the same time. That in itself is contradictory. Because in essence, everytime you look into the eyes of someone, you see a reflection of yourself back. So look with inner love first.............."

"I have splashed around with playful seals in sharky waters, jumped from hay bale to hay bale, got caught in riptides, fell off horses, cut legs on wires trespassing in fields, slept outside listening to the animals, got bitten by dogs, and trusted complete strangers, and I have never felt more alive in those moments..........................".

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