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I write because........

My writing gives me wings and

if you were to see the thoughts in my head that sizzle if they don't get down on the page, I would probably be admitted to a mental institution.

Writing sets me free and often features in my dreams.

Just last night, I awoke in tears mourning the fact that my words might be obsolete if not seen by others.

I write so I can own my place in a world where I often feel lost.

I write because it is one of the ways that I navigate my emotions. It helps me make sense of the world. I write because it is an automatic response to experiences, place and people.

I often wonder what I would be doing if I wasn't writing.

Would I essentially be living a fuller life? The life of a writer is often turbulent because but I do believe that to be one, I must walk tall through the world as a full acceptance of this life.

I am a writer, the same way, I am an artist.

I exist in that realm where I see the world creatively with hyper awareness - in a story format, where I see my thoughts as a play acted out, where I see myself as a narrator and everyone in my circle and periphery are characters.

I write because I have this burning desire to speak the truth through words.

I write too so others can see a little bit of their truth in my words too.

I write probably for the same reason people have been writing for centuries.......which first started off as symbols and then progressed to language and text. - to share, to inspire and to keep note of history, time and place.

I write simply because I enjoy it.

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