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Do Monks have Egos?

Today I sat and stared at Skellig Rock, alone, that twin pinnacled crag shooting up out of the turquoise waters. 

I thought about the monks that choose self isolation everyday. I thought about Hollywood flying overhead for Star Wars glory, making it into a temporary theme park. This rock that survived multiple attacks by Vikings invaders, but not western society capitalism. I wondered what St. Finian would have said. Perhaps him and Skywalker would have been friends, special forces fighting for the salvation of souls.

I thought about the St Michel ley line that runs from here, all the way to Greece and onto Haifa, to our lady lord of the sea, Stella Maris.

I can almost envisage a powerful energy beaming from its body  - like a force not to be reckoned with.

I thought about Atlantis. I thought about how something so far away can look so close and if it's floating.

I thought about dedication and deprivation, if the monks were happy. 

If in order to be enlightened a struggle must exist. If struggle is relative and subjective.

If the monks had egos.

I thought about if society today is more snowflake and theoretical rather than strong and philosophical. No judgment here.

I thought about what sort of person I'd have to be to maroon myself where Finian did. What would I want, need, the instagram feed be null and void and survival would be the drug of choice.

I thought about if we have progressed too much to want to go back to that - self isolation now wrapped up in an "all exclusive" retreat package, or carried out only for a virus once off pandemic.

I wondered how the monks felt with their less than 2km radius stroll and if social distancing was a phrase.

And I concluded, as the waves washed in from the outer rock, that lockdown has nothing to do with place or environmental changes. Lockdown has to do with the mind. 

Wherever you go, whatever is happening, there you are.

I telepathy a message to the ghosts of the Skellig and ask them.......................

what do I want to know now. Nothing actually. Perhaps ask them if there was more fish in the sea and if they felt free.

I concluded that we are adaptable as humans, we can create new thoughts and rituals, overnight.

We are what we think, no matter what is on the brink.

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